My Why

I knew that my faith wasn’t blind, empty, or illogical contrary to what many skeptics believed about Christianity.  My beliefs were based on historical facts, grounded in truth, but rooted in love.  I had come face to face with my why. 

An Excerpt from D. Rountree’s blog post, “My Why”

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Nah, Call Him by His Name

I love Jesus, and when I feel He’s being disrespected, I tend to exude big, Peter-type of energy.  You know the kind—the type of demeanor that will have you slipping from the grip of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and into the ratchetry and readiness of flesh.  Who has time for wasted energy in nonsensical debates? Continue reading “Nah, Call Him by His Name”

Young, Prayerful, and Black: How the Black Church Cultivated my Faith

They say, “‘Crae, you so divisive, shouldn’t be a black church”I say, “Do the math, segregation started that first!” Facts by Lecrae There’s something to be said about the noble history of an entity that took the sour lemons of racism and segregation and turned it into sweet lemonade of faithful, perseverance for Christ—that isContinue reading “Young, Prayerful, and Black: How the Black Church Cultivated my Faith”

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